Signature Recipes

Recipes featuring our products

Happy Thanksgiving - Christmas is one month away and just like that the Holidays are upon us! That means it
This super simple Everything Bagel dip will be the talk of any gathering! Zesty and flavorful, it could not be
Orange and ginger compliment each other well in this sweet treat - a sweet new twist on lemonade. This super
Try this sweet, delicious combination for a refreshing, cool thirst quencher. We combined our delicious lavender sugar with a super
These classics cookies are taken to the next level with our finely ground sugar blends. While these pretty standard, white
Homemade Pudding
Want to impress? How about the worlds simplest homemade pudding recipe. Any of our finely ground sugars makes a fabulously
This super easy white hot chocolate is a quick way to warm up a cold day or prepare for a
This quick custard pie is a classic can be flavored with any of our flavored finely ground sugars. Custard Pie
This Lavender Tea Bread is not a typical sweet bread, but it does have that light floral note that lavender
This delicious sugar cookie features our Lavender Sugar. Lightly floral and accented with an optional lemon glaze, these cookies are