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Black Friday 2021 Deal

Happy Thanksgiving – Christmas is one month away and just like that the Holidays are upon us!

That means it is time for the annual Signature Salts and Seasonings Black Friday Sale. As you can see above, we are offering 20% off of all orders that total $25 or more* (see below for two limitations). Just use the coupon code Blackfriday21 when you check out and the discount will be applied to your subtotal. The sale starts Thursday at Noon, central time and ends Saturday at Midnight, central time.

It has been a busy fall and we have been ramping up production like Santa’s workshop…well maybe Mrs. Claus’s kitchen, anyway…as we prepare for the Christmas season.

We are so excited to share with you our new products from this past year, especially our Dragon’s Breath Salt – a special salt we handcrafted as a benefit for Dragon Master Foundation to fight cancer. Our Hot Chocolate Mixes are also all the rage and make perfect gifts!

Whether you are looking for smoky, sweet, savory or spicy, we have plenty to offer.

We still have all your favorites and now offer refill bags on many items. Below are all the new Signature Salts and Seasonings items!

Whether stocking your own kitchen or getting the perfect gift for someone on your list, be sure to visit

Gragon's Breath Spicy Salt fro Dragon Master with peppers in the image

NEW! Dragon’s Breath Salt

If spicy is your thing check this out. Our latest addition is a combination of Smoked Ghost Peppers and Smoked Habaneros. This salt is special because $5 of every purchase goes to Dragon Master Foundation, an organization fighting brain cancer. Check out more about their mission at the link below.


11- Yes – 11! Awesome Hot Chocolate Flavors

Just this fall, we started putting many of our sugars into hot chocolate mixes. Rich, decadent and just what you want for the holidays. Are you a Lavender White, a Candy Cane Chocolate, a Chipotle Chocolate or a standard Hot Chocolate fan? We have these and more. See the complete list below or check them out at this link.

All the new stuff…

Whether you are savory spicy, sweet, smoky or salty, we have been busy coming up with new products to pique your interest.


lavender salt

Bourbon Barrel Smoked Brown Sugar in 2 sizes

Here are the new things we have rolled out this year.

Smoked Cumin

Lavender Salt

Dragon’s Breath Salt

Bourbon Barrel Smoked Brown Sugar

Double Hot Chocolate

Cinnamon Chocolate Hot Chocolate

Cinnamon-Vanilla White Hot Chocolate

Lavender Chocolate Hot Chocolate

Pumpkin Pie Spice White Hot Chocolate

Candy Cane Hot Chocolate

Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

Ginger White Hot Chocolate

Lavender White Hot Chocolate

Chipotle Chocolate Hot Chocolate

Cinnamon White Hot Chocolate



Yes, we still have all your favorites – check out the whole line of salts, seasonings and sugars on our website.

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*Black Friday Coupon will not be applied to shipping costs and this coupon is not applicable to Dragon’s Breath Salt.